Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss Android App

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Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss Android App


The Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss App is the highest rated diet planner App on the Android market.  This App will help you get into the best shape of your life!  Thousands of customers can’t be wrong, this App might be the best tool available to reach your weight loss goals.


     To begin your weight loss plan simply type in your target weight and the purpose  of your diet, then let the App plan the perfect custom diet. The best part about the App is that it creates different diets for different eating preferences.


There are weight loss plans for vegetarians, pescatarians, and high protein diets. Once you start the diets your metabolism will kick into overdrive and you’ll start shedding pounds faster then you could even imagine!


    Once you start your custom diet the App will create a shopping list tailor made for your diet. This way you don’t need to guess about the calorie content of your meals. This feature will help you lost weight, maintain your weight or embrace a new healthy way of eating.


   Additional features include weight loss manager and tracker, built in BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator , dedicated shopping list per diet plan, healthy choices of diet food, diet and weight loss tips, and weight loss tracker and manager.


The App also has a forum where you can share your weight loss experiences with other App users. The forum is a great place to further your nutrition education and is an extremely valuable resource for any dieter. The app also has a new feature where you can add your own diet and the diet editor will intuitively configure the perfect meals for your diet.


     The Diet Assistant Pro Weight Loss is an absolutely indispensable weight loss tool. Users of the App have left amazing reviews on the Android App market, and if you are planning on going on a diet you need to check out this App.


For just $2.99 you will be able to carry the best personal trainer in your pocket, this App is weight loss on steroids! The App is ad free too, so that means there won’t be anything to distract you when you plan your diets! Download the Diet Assistant Pro Weight Loss App today and start shedding pounds!